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  • YouTube channel

    YouTube Channel

    Follow my acclaimed tutorial series covering Python, Django and a growing range of other languages!

    Get the source code!

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    Advanced and Intermediate Series

  • Playhouse Minigolf

    Playhouse MiniGolf

    Have fun playing a round of minigolf on your Android or Apple devices!

    Playhouse Minigolf apple appstore Playhouse Minigolf google play
  • DjMag Feed

    DjMagFeed App

    Commisioned by Thrust publishing this is a nice example of custom made UI controls for Android!

    DjMagFeed App
  • Northumberland College

    Northumberland College

    The Northumberland College has provided information and engagement for a wide community of learners from around the world. It features a custom built CMS, News systems as well as fuzzy search for all of the thousands of courses available.

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  • Epic Times

    Epic Times

    This visually stunning and epic news app is one of the most fun and interesting apps I've had the pleasure of working on. Great app and great client!

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  • Epic Times


    A under the sea adventure with an epic time travel storyline. This is my second title made using Unity3d

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  • Tabata Trainer

    Tabata Trainer

    Tabata Trainer will help you to do Tabata training anywhere.
    Tabata training is a method of cardio interval workout. It was developed by Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Tabata Timer will help you to do Tabata traning.
    Features five second lead in sounds and vibration to help lead you into your next stage of exercise as well as final set chime to let you know your almost there!
    This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen.

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  • Bid Daddy

    Get SMS

    Although I have no involvement in the look and feel of this site I did write the SMS systems in the backend, which goes to show I can work with your existing designer to produce great functionality in your projects.

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  • Running Intevals Trainer

    Running Intevals Trainer

    This is an App for Android, (currently being developed for iPhone), that I originally built to help myself learn to run and ended up being super useful to others. So I released it on Android Market and in the few months its been on there its been downloaded over 500 times.

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  • Top 100 Djs

    Top 100 Djs

    Another Android App that I developed that I feel shows how I can take any of your iPhone Apps and turn them into Android versions with relative ease!

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Django tutorials series

If your looking for my django tutorials they are now available on my new site Mike's Django Tutorials

Read up on my experience & credentials

I've been developing software on all major platforms ranging from desktop, web and mobile for over 20 years and have been involved in making all sorts of applications for small and enterprise level clients.

I consider myself to be a 'Polyglot Programmer' who can use any of the available platforms as leverage in providing solid, scalable solutions to any IT requirement.

As with all things these days, most of the things I develop are web based. Sometimes websites, sometimes phone apps. If your wondering if I can help you out? Then yes, yes I can.

Think you could use my services? Let's talk!

If you think you like the cut of my jib then get in touch and I can look over your requirements and give you an action plan. I'm also available on Skype to chat during projects so you can talk things over and have regular reviews, (I like to call them sprints as thats all down with the kids and that).

I very often get back within a few hours but of course I am in the GMT timezone so please be patient if your on the moon or somewhere like that.